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Education for a shared society

The education for a shared society department at aChord develops and implements models, training programs and pedagogical intervention tools drawing on social psychology – lesson plans, curricula, learning aids and workshops – to diagnose, develop and evaluate programs of education for a shared society. We provide initial and ongoing guidance to teams of educators, policy makers, teachers, and teachers-in-training to help promote effective, research-based activities in this area.

We work in both the formal and informal education systems, with all educational sectors and with all age groups. Our partners in this endeavor include schools, local authorities, the office for civic education and shared society at the Ministry of Education, other ministry officials, school networks, the President of Israel ("Israeli Hope" project), civil society organizations, the Israel Association of Community Centers, youth movements, and others. 

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דו״ח ראשון: כשהתותחים רועמים הכיתות שותקות?

התייחסות בתי הספר לאירועי 7 באוקטובר והמלחמה בעזה מנקודת מבטם של בני הנוער

Various studies and accumulated experience show that although many teachers perceive education for a shared life as an important topic for students, in practice they do not teach it in a systematic and structured manner. A major reason for this gap is the lack of tools to deal with the subject, which involves explosive and controversial issues. Working to meet this need, aChord in recent years has developed a psychosocial basis of knowledge, training tools and pedagogy adapted to the multiple cultures and inter-group tensions that characterize Israeli society. We have developed diverse models for professional development while creating a network of connections and partnerships with various parties in the education system. Resting on these foundations, we guide and train educators in various positions and educational streams to work with research-based psychosocial tools and practices to effectively promote education for shared life in schools and classrooms.

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מדדי השותפות משנים קודמות

אנחנו כאן עבורכם ועבורכן לכל שאלה, שיתוף או התייעצות!
For more information, contact Ido Oren, director of the Education for a Shared Society department at aChord:
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