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About aChord

aChord is a unique hybrid social-academic organization that develops and disseminates innovative scientific knowledge in social psychology in order to promote equal, tolerant and respectful relations between different social groups within Israel and between Israeli society and its neighbors in the region.

We use research, consulting, development, and training skills to help diverse organizations and entities integrate knowledge and tools from social psychology into their operations.

צוות אקורד

The Need and The Solution

Israeli society is characterized by powerful tensions and conflicts between social groups: national, ethnic, religious, ideological and socioeconomic. The social psychological knowledge of intergroup relations includes theories and research crucial to anyone wishing to promote changes in attitudes, perceptions and behaviors tied to the relations between groups.

Many institutions and organizations in Israel seek to promote equal, tolerant and respectful relations between different groups. Their practices in the field, however, are not always aligned with research-based knowledge or with expert recommendations on the optimally effective ways for changing awareness, reducing discrimination and racism and bringing groups closer. Thus all too frequently, well-intentioned programs and activities are unsuccessful at achieving the changes sought.

aChord was founded to bridge the gap between practices in the field of intergroup relations and the relevant research-based knowledge needed for their success. We believe that our ability to make social psychological knowledge accessible and to integrate and implement it will allow organizations in the field to be more effective in promoting respectful, tolerant and equal relations between different groups.

Modes of Action

aChord Center is a social-academic organization affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem that seeks to afford access to the most current theory and knowledge from social psychology for the most influential players in the field of intergroup relations. This mode of action enables us to enhance the effectiveness of initiatives and programs operated by actors on the ground. In consultation with them we build dedicated, effective and research-based practices for addressing racism, discrimination, stereotyping and other negative emotions.

Using our skills in research, consulting, development and training, we help organizations and agencies working in the field to integrate social psychological knowledge and tools into their practice, based on a preliminary sociopsychological diagnosis. In particular, we focus on the educational field, where we seek to promote education for a shared society in formal and informal education; employment and academia, where we seek to promote diversity, inclusion and equality; and the field of civil society that deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where we aim to advance consciousness and practices that promote reconciliation and peaceful relations.

The research, consulting, development and training services offered by aChord are provided to civil society organizations, public institutions and government ministries, local government authorities, philanthropic foundations, and businesses, with the services tailored to their various challenges and areas of operation. Our aim is to help organizations in diverse contexts deal with the psychological barriers that impede the promotion of equal, respectful and tolerant relations between different groups in Israeli society.


Who we are

At aChord we are a team of over forty women and men, among them social psychologists and organizational consultants. Together we function as a professional, research-based organization that integrates social action promoting intergroup relations with proven academic theories, to create awareness and foster intergroup relations of equality, respect and tolerance.

aChord was founded in 2016 by Prof. Eran Halperin of the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Eran, co-chair and senior social psychologist of the organization, is a world-renowned expert in social psychology. He has published over 120 academic articles and three books, and heads the Hebrew University Research Lab with more than 30 researchers from Israel and abroad working on developing effective psychological interventions to foster positive relations between groups in conflict.

Meet Our Staff
מטה אקורד

Headquarters Staff

דר נועה ולדן

Dr. Noa Walden

Director, Development and Learning

פרופ' עירן הלפרין

Prof. Eran Halperin

Founder and Co-Director

מיכל רוזן

Michal Rosen

Coordinator, Public Action

שרון סילברסטון

Sharon Silverstone

Director, Resource Development

עינת בר אילן

Einat Bar-Ilan

Director, Human Resources & Operations

ד"ר שירי רזניק

Dr. Shiri Reznik

Development and Learning


Shani Abel

Coordinator, Resource Development


Nir Inbar

Operation coordinator

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-18 at 16.07.41.jpeg

 Doron Cohen Jackoby

operations coordinator 


Public Arena

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-18 at 16.08.31.jpeg

Mia Bengal

Director, Public Arena

תחום ציברי



Dr. Soli Vered

Leader, Development of Content and Training

ד"ר נעמי פריש

Dr. Neomi Frisch

Leader, Applied Models Research and Development

ד"ר מאיה דה-פריס

Dr. Maya de Vries

Leader, Development of Content and Training

ד"ר שרית לארי

Dr. Sarit Larry

Director, Academia



אינאס פרוגה.png

Inas Faruje

Leading instructor and leader of SEL project 

ענת יונה עמדי

Anat Yona Amadi

Director, Professional Development and Teacher Training

נטאשה אובולסקי

Natasha Obolsky

Director, Consulting to Educational Institutions

עידו אורן

Ido Oren

Director, Education Department

ליאת נצר

Dr. Liat Netzer 

Leader, Research in Education

וטפה כנעאן

Watfa Kinnan

Leader, Informal Education Project

אלן לב שלם

Ellen Lev Shalem

Leader, Professional Development and Teacher Training Process

הלית ניר

Halit Nir

Content Developer & Leader for Techno-Pedagogy

רעות קדרון.jpg

Reut Kidron

Leader, Early Childhood and Games for the Future

עדו פלזנטל

Iddo Felsenthal

Pedagogy Developer

Avatar 100

Summer Jabr Masarwa

Consultant to Educational Institutions

לימא אבו סאלח

Lima Abusalah

Facilitator, Teacher Communities, Education for Partnership

ד"ר שירה רן

Dr. Shira Ran

Leader, Research, Children and Adolescents

Avatar 83

Shahar Ben-Natan


Socio-Psychological Consulting

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-18 at 15.47.09.jpeg

Ran Profis

Organizational Consultant, Socio-psychological consulting

יעל חייט

Yael Hait

Organizational Consultant, Socio-psychological consulting

יעל אילן

Yael Ilan

Director,Socio-psychological consulting


Peace and Reconciliation


Shira Roth

Leader of "agents of change"  activity

שירה רוט

Shira Roth

Research Coordinator, Peace and Reconciliation

אילנה אושומירסקי

Ilana Ushomirsky

Research Coordinator, Peace and Reconciliation


Elisheva Milikowsky

Director, Peace and Reconciliation


Lior Yom Tov

Content and Knowledge developer

צוות מחקר


יארא נאסר

Yara Nassir

Research Leader, Political Research

ד"ר הדס פיק

Dr. Hadas Pick

Leader, Social Research

ד"ר רנא עבאס

Dr. Rana Abbas

Director, Social Research

לי אלדר

Lee Aldar

Director, Political Research

Avatar 83

Daan Vandermeulen

Statistical Consulting

מונא עווידה

Mona Awida

Research Coordinator, Political Research

​אוהד שאול

Ohad Shaul

Research Assistant, Social and Employment Research

Avatar 100

Shir Tankel

Research Assistant and responsible of the technological aspects of research

Avatar 100

Shadin Masalha

Research Assistant, Social Research

ד"ר רוני פורת

Dr. Roni Porat

Senior Researcher

קורל עזורי

Corall Azouri

Leader of training and consultation in psycho-social measurement

דנה סיטון

Dana Sitton

Research Assistant, Political Research‬‏




Azhar Saadi

Leader, Arab Employment

ד"ר מיכל שוסטר

Dr. Michal Schuster

Project Leader, Employment Department

אומייה פאעור מסרי

Omaia Faour Masri

Leader, Development and Facilitation of Training

עינת לוי

Einat Levy

Director, Employment Department

ד"ר רונה שטיין

Dr. Rona Stein

וועדה מייעצת

Advisory Committee

זאב מוזס

Zeev Mozes

פרופ' מונא חורי

Prof. Mona Khoury

צביקה (ביקו) ארן

Zvika (Biko) Arran

רוני רובינשטיין

Roni Rubenstein

ד"ר רונית עמית

Dr. Ronit Amit

טלי סמני

Tali Semani

פידא נערה טבעוני

Fida Nara Tabony

איציק קרומבי

Yitzik Crombie

ד"ר אריאל קור

Dr. Ariel Kor

חוקרים חיצונים

External Researchers

ד"ר דורון דורפמן

Dr. Doron Dorfman

Syracuse University

פרופ' גיל דיזנדרוק

Prof. Gil Diesendruck

Bar-Ilan University

ד"ר בועז המאירי

Dr. Boaz Hameiri

University of Pennsylvania

ד"ר אהרן לוי

Dr. Aharon Levy

Columbia University

פרופ' תמר שגיא

Prof. Tamar Saguy

Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

ד"ר רותי פליסקין

Dr. Ruthie Pliskin

Leiden University

ד"ר סיוואר עאסלה

Dr. Siwar Aslih

Kroningen University and Hebrew University

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